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Powered by AshGaming Network, Red Hot Fruits slot game is one of the classic ones that has fruits and gems for symbols with the whole game revolving around it.

The game follows this theme to the letter, with the slight differences to give it a unique edge.

This is designed for people who like things simple and miss the original slot games with their simple and basic rules. Red Hot Fruits gives you all that and much more by being simple yet with enough bling to make it a part of the present as well.

The glitz and glam of the game comes from the multiple flashing lights and vibrant colours that dazzle you to no end.

The game is 5 reels and 10 pay-lines. Even though short, the game more than makes up for it with its various features and good odds. You can play it for fun without risking your money. Or it could be that you test your fate by taking a chance and win big ultimately.

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How to Play?

The game is simple with basic rules. First of all, start with setting your betting range. The minimum to start is £0.01.

You use one coin to start the game. Once you do, start the spinning reels with Spin button. You can stop the spinning reels at any moment by the help of stop button.

Or you could just reap the benefits from the Auto Play feature of the game. In which the reels spin automatically and you stop it when you think you could get a winning combination.

How to Win?

All you have to do is increase you points by lining up different symbols. Each symbol has its own value. As they line up, points are added to your winning line. You also get a stars scatter symbol that pays a hefty amount if 3 of these symbols appear simultaneously on your screens.

The game is simple but it has great graphics that refrains Red Hot Fruit Slot from becoming completely archaic. It’s worth a try if you like your slots sophisticated with easy wins.

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