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Hot Seven online slot game takes its players back to the classic style slots. This slot doesn’t have any features that can be attributed with the new modern slots that have risen in popularity. However its charm lies in the rapid slots gameplay with the classic symbols as they keep on spinning until you have won big.

The design of this game is roots back to the classic design of slot games, it has black reel background with the colourful fruity symbols spinning on the reels. The only design that stands out for this slot is the flaming name of the game that is written on top of the slot.

Like many other classic game the slot design is 5x3 and has five pay-lines. The pay-lines are rather small taking in account Amatic's previous slot games.

The first three of these pay-lines run horizontally, while the other two run in a zig-zag pattern diagonally. The betting options on these pay-lines can be selected through the ‘Bet’ button on the control panel.

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The classic lucky seven symbol is the main attraction of this slot game as the name ‘Hot Seven’ suggests. It will award the player with 5000 coins, if they land five of this symbols consecutively on the reels.

This award is ten times the amount of any other award the player can win in this came.

Even with four consecutive seven symbols, players can win double the amount of coins than any other symbol could offer.

The grapes and the melon through a combination will pay 500 coins, while the lemon, the plum, the orange, and cherries will pay 200 coins through consecutive symbols. The smallest value symbol, the cherry, will award the player with a small amount of win even with 2 symbols in a row.

Amatic keeps the classic slot tradition by adding a gambling option at the end of the game. By choosing to gamble, players are given a choice to choose between face-down playing cards. Players need to predict the playing card to either double or quadruple the total amount of money won during the game. The colour cards will double the money, while the suit cards will quadruple it.

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