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Playtech is a gaming software company which is famous among players for making games with entertaining themes and progressive features. Hot Gems is another one of their interesting productions.

This slot machine has five reels with three symbols in each of them and twenty-five pay-lines.

Hot Gems features colourful symbols on the screen and interesting upbeat music in the background which is going to set players in mood to start winning. Besides presenting vibrant visual graphics, Hot Gems also includes many bonus features.

Players have a chance to trigger spin round as well as multiply their awarded points several times in game. To win free spins, players must be able to land specific symbols on reels of odd number; 1,3 and 5.

The number of free spins that players win is based on number of special symbols they are able to land in the reels. Whenever player makes a good combination, he will be awarded with points which will further be multiplied based on their performance.

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Maximum amount that players can place on bet is 1,000 whereas minimum amount is 1. Players can increase or decrease this amount anytime using ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons on the screen anytime. The ‘current amount’ is also shown on the screen during game.

Hot Gems is designed to give the best experience to players and gives them maximum control of it as well. Hot Gems can also be played on iPads, iPod, iPhones and other devices as well whenever an internet connection is available.

Hot Gems is an interesting slot with colourful symbol that will attract the players as well. It is also designed to give classical casino bar experience through portable devices so anyone can enjoy whenever they are bored and boost their bank as well.

This game will definitely not disappoint players because it is fairly progressive as well as full of bonus features which allow players to win great amount of points easily. Playtech has also made the game lively with bright colorful gems and joyful music in the background which will keep the players hung up on this game for a long time.

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